One of my specialties is creating highly-detailed, aircraft profile art. This is the iconic P-51D Mustang from WWII. Another WWII era fighter, the F4U-1A Corsair. This airplane was named, <i>Ole 122</i>, which flew a record 100 missions. This is a fighter-bomber flown during the Vietnam War, the F-4B Phantom II. I presented this Super Bowl XLIX commemorative illustration of an F-4J Phantom in the Patriots' colors, to Robert Kraft, owner of the team. Art deco style, WWII fighter prints. This series of prints featured eleven different airplanes. A rendering of some ice candles, that are made with reusable silicone molds. Work contracted by a local entrepreneur. And while we're on the subject of ice, here's an illustration of a soft-serve, nutritious, frozen dessert, called Power-Up. One of several generic space illustrations I was hired to create for a client's PowerPoint presentation. Another space illustration for the same PowerPoint presentation as the previous slide. Icon creation for three different product lines by Life-Link. Used on both POP displays and packaging. A <i>USA Today</i> style diagram created for Solar Barns. I also developed their identity. Building front elevation diagram created for Ski and Snowboard Express, to assist with signage visualization. Exploded view, line art diagram of a product called Sled Wheels. Product line art for Reader's Window and Logical Machines. For over ten years, I created abstract cover art for <i>New England Review</i>. Covers always used two inks: black and a spot color. More covers for <i>New England Review</i>. I also created extensive style sheets for their typesetting, when it was moved in-house. I sell fine art prints of my nature photography at my website, This is Mammoth Peak, in Yosemite National Park. Another image from my website, Sea cliffs on Anticosti Island, in Quebec. This is a macro shot of flowering grass, also from my website, Side view illustration of a remanufactured yacht, for Manchester Boatworks. An alternate configuration of the yacht with a fishing tower, also for Manchester Boatworks.