Design/typography for the <i>Lorax</i> promotion page on the Seventh Generation website. I also created the Dr. Seuss-style cartoon. Website for a massage therapist, which included logo development. Website for a squadron of virtual pilots, who 'fly' in an online, WWII aerial combat simulation. Dogfight below the mast scrolls across the page. Landing page concept for a failed start-up emulating Groupon. Etched-style background would have been individualized for each location. Website for the southernmost bakery in the USA, located on the big island of Hawaii. Site created in 2004. Website for a former business where I sold ultra-detailed, aircraft profile art, which I illustrated. Website for the now-defunct Black Tern product development. Landing page concept for Pacific Whale Foundation on Maui. Website design for a women's clothing store in central VT. Three website masts designed for a motorsports company. Home page of the 07-08 Tubbs Snowshoes website. I provided design, layout, & artwork. The site was coded by Tubbs' parent company, K2. One of many product pages in the 07-08 Tubbs Snowshoes website. This page showcases articulation technology. The color diagram is a flash animation I created, and I also designed the 'RII' logo. <i>Choose Your Shoe</i> page from the 07-08 Tubbs Snowshoes website. Another website I designed for Tubbs Snowshoes, called <i>Tubbs-Trailnet</i>. This was also created for the 07-08 season. More from the 07-08 <i>Tubbs-Trailnet</i> website. This page helps a snowshoer find a trail to hike on. People contributing trail information to the <i>Tubbs-Trailnet</i> website receive a free t-shirt! A responsive website which I coded in Dreamweaver. Site design by Brigitte Soucy. A responsive website for my nature photography, which I designed and coded: